8 Bath Safety Tips Parents Should Know

Bath time is usually the fun time for the kids as most of the kids love water. However, for parents it is a stressful task because they have to be vigilant during the bath. However, following some safety tips can make this time a bonding and fun time among kids and parents.

1- Not Leaving Kids Unattended

The first tip is not to leave the kids unattended in the bathroom. This applies to the kids from 0 to 6 years. There is a big risk of slip and drowning for the kids of age 0 to 5 in the bath tub. Even the bathroom slips can be harmful for the children. The bath preparations should be done before bringing the kids to the bathroom. If you have forgotten anything then take the baby with you.

2- Eliminating the Distractions

Many bath accidents happen when the parents are distracted by something. Leaving the kids for a few minutes can prove fatal as you might lose focus on the ongoing task. Mobile phones should be left out the bedroom. Make sure to turn the stove off and select the baby boy clothing prior to the bath so your child is not left alone during bath time.

 3- Draining the Bath Tub Instantly

Procrastinating the drainage of water from tub can be alarmingly dangerous especially toddlers and children under 7 years at home. This is also applicable to the kids’ inflatable swimming pools. The kid can sneak into the bath when you are not aware and the situation can be become very frightening.

4- Testing the Temperature

Bath time preparations also include filling the bath tub with the water with the right temperature. Obviously you do not want to dip your kid in the cold water or extra hot water. Therefore, prepare the tub with the perfectly warm water prior to the bath to prevent scalding.

 5- Covering Faucets

Kids love to play around when they are taking a bath and the faucets in the bath tub are safety hazard for your kids. The kids can slip or trip while taking bath and his/her head or face can be injured. So, it is advisable to add padding around the faucets.

6- Leveling the Water

The right amount of water is necessary in the bath tub. Excessively high water level increases the rate of tripping, slipping and drowning for the kids. Thus, the just right level is to the belly button of the kid.

7- Using Baby Shampoo

Not all kinds of shampoos can be used for the kids. Normal shampoos are harsh and cause burning in the eyes of the kids. On the other hand, baby shampoos are mild and do not irritate the kids eyes.

8- Installing Safety Latches

and preferably latched is essential when there are kids in the house especially toddlers who are more curious and keep on exploring new places in the house. Ensure your child’s safety by installing the safety latches on the bathroom doors to keep your kid out of harm’s way.

These tips will make the bath time hassle free for the parents and fun for babies and kids.

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